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70 Year old NOIDA resident getting no service by 1MG Online Pharmacy Platform on Accu-Chek Glucometer

Kailash Kaushik
1MG  and Accu-Chek Extra Care Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt. Ltd.
Glucometer bought in January 2020 keeps showing Error 1
The item was purchased via 1MG ( and the product keeps malfunctioning every time the strip is inserted in the glucometer.

1MG is not ready to assist and the consumer Kailash Kaushik, a 70 year old Noida citizen, has been left with nothing to measure his sugar levels.

A request is made to 1MG to replace the item as soon as possible.

The complaint is also being escalated to Accu-Chek Extra Care Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt. Ltd. to assist the consumer get the right product.

The customer states “The moment I insert the test strip, the glucometer shows Error 1.”


Kailash Kaushik
I had heard so much praise about ACCUCHEK glucometers, that I bought an Accuchek Active glucometer. Have been having trouble since the beginning. After great trouble, they replaced it. But the new one is no better.
10:29 AM · Apr 28, 2020
Kailash Kaushik

Replying to

It’s so difficult to get through to their Executive. They neither send a technician nor do they tell me where their Service center is near me. I was grateful for the replacement. But after some time, that’s also giving trouble. Can someone please help me. I am a 70+ age Diabetic.
Kailash Kaushik

I can’t afford another glucometer. I bought this even though there were much cheaper ones available.

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