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Constant Harassment and wrongful billing by DHBVN Faridabad

Rtvesa Vaid
Constant Harassment and wrongful billing by DHBVN
In June 2013, following the advise of the DHBVN lineman who said our meter was faulty, we applied for a new meter. The old meter, which has been put in by DHBVN and has in no way been tampered with, was replaced by a new one. Then one year later, DHBVN sent a bill amounting to INR 1,00,000, telling us that these are dues because of the faulty meter giving false readings. They showed no paperwork and no calculations on how they arrived at this figure. We had to go to Utilities court but unfortunately, the judge there asked us to settle this amicably. With DHBVN unwilling to see that there are errors in their calculations, we had no other option but to file a case in the Faridabad Courts.

On 25-08-2018, we suspected that our meter is running very fast, and put in a complaint about the same. On 01-10-2018, two men came on a motorcycle, refused to show any ID and said they shall remove the meter have it tested and then returned. Fearing for my ailing grandmother, I asked them to put in a replacement meter to which they blatantly refused.

On 07-11-2019, they cut our connection stating we haven’t paid our bill. On reaching DHBVN the next day and asking for the bill, the DHBVN personnel was unable to print one and we had to pay the bill amounting to INR 16,212 off on a screenshot. Surprisingly on 14-11-2019, another bill issued on 14-11-2019 amounting to INR 10,094 came in and when we asked DHBVN personnel they told us that this was the bill, which means the electricity was cut solely for the purpose of harassing us.

DHBVN and its personnel know that they have the sole monopoly in the electricity business and so can get away with harassing and ill-treating the customers. l urge you to help me get this problem solved once and for all.